Jordan never reveals her face online you can't help but wonder who you are going to see.

When I answered the knock at my door and saw her for the first time I was immediately struck by the fun in her eyes, her smile, and her trade mark bright red lipstick. She looked amazing from head to toe

My photos are 100% my own, in other words they are taken by myself or a photographer.
I take my own photos using a camera timer or selfie mode on my phone. Sekushi Studios shot my most recent photos.
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IamSekushi Gallery

Thank you to the amazing Sekushi Studios for an incredible shoot. My vision was to show my love for good company over a glass of wine accompanied with cheese, in addition to my bubbly personality and classic figure. Sekushi truly captured my coquettish nature, don’t you think?

Selfie Gallery

I sporadically take selfies in the moment, before, during or after a session for instance. My selfies reflect my excitement to meet someone new, or spoils from a regular lover! My lips are one of my favourite features, and I’m sure they’ll be yours too!

Pre 2019 Gallery

Some of my favourite photos are pre 2019, therefore why not display them proudly? Physically I have not changed much, except my hair is definitely longer.