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"Her infectious giggle, fun stories, and beauty will keep you held in her spell"

“Bubbly, passionate, friendly, sassy, down to earth, energetic, intelligent, thoughtful and sensual”


"I was sharing a perfect moment with a truly gorgeous human being"


Jordan Quinn kneeling on bed in lingerie. facing away from the camera propping your butt cheeks  up with her hands

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"Wildly Sexy..."

We. Had. So. Much. Fun. My partner and I decided to make a booking with Jordan and I am so glad we did - we had a fabulous time. Jordan is obviously beautiful and sexy, but she's also genuinely lovely to hang out with. We felt comfortable and ready to explore. As a bisexual woman, it was great for me to play with Jordan and also wildly sexy to watch her and my partner together. The logistics involved in keeping two people happy and fulfilled may be challenging, but I wouldn't know as she made it look so easy. We talked, we fucked, we laughed, we played, we kissed; we had a ball and I can't wait to do it all over again very soon. ;)

M, Wellington - 28/09/2023 

"Absolutely Stunning"

I made a booking with the lovely Jordan Quinn while she was on tour in Auckland recently.

Jordan has been on my bucket list for some time however as she is always fully booked when she's touring Auckland, I haven't had the chance to meet her.

After successfully making the booking in advance, I can understand why she is fully booked given the experience I and others have had with her.

All I can say is how empathetic, 'down to earth' and friendly Jordan is. She is absolutely stunning and she has her trademark smile and 'giggle' while we're conversating.

She wore some exquisite lingerie and looked amazing. After undressing and showering, she deep french kissed for a while and got onto the bed and gave me a blowjob. We then 69'd and got into a few positions. I loved her moans while we were having sex. She then finished with a nice handjob and she gave me a massage before showering and saying goodbye to an amazing person.

She was definitely worth the travel into the CBD on another typical rainy day in Auckland.

Jordan, thanks for the laughs and I hope to see you again! 

VC2018 - 29/4/2023 

"30th Birthday Gangbang!"

We all enjoy a good birthday party so when Jordan said she was getting a group of guys together to celebrate her 30th my interest was piqued. Then she added that Pepper and Amanda Jameson would be there as fluffers I made sure I asked very nicely if I could be involved. So there we were, four guys in varying states of nervousness and three of the hottest ladies around in some delicious lingerie. The rules included no actual sex with the fluffers who were there just to reinvigorate anyone who was flagging in the intensity of the debauchery. So the aim was to make Jordan the focus and we were all happy to oblige. Of course focusing on Jordan is an easy task helped by her enthusiastic participation and talents. Any time one of us stepped back either Amanda or Pepper would be there to demonstrate their own oral skills on us which are also exceptional. The event continued like this with Jordan moving around the room from bed to sofa, knees to back with Amanda and Pepper even overstepping the fluffer role to give Jordan some attention as well. This was an amazing experience to be part of thanks to a group of anonymous guys and three ladies who really enjoyed the whole thing. I now keep getting little flashbacks and images popping into my head. Sitting back on a sofa with Amanda’s head bobbing in my lap and looking across to the rear view of Pepper doing the same to another guy, and Jordan entwined with the other two on the bed. Damn that was an unforgettable evening, thank you ladies and gents.
Been there, done that, only thing I didn’t get was the tee shirt.

Kiwifirst1018 - 11/12/2020

"Very Accommodating"

Jordan was touring Melbourne when I saw her. Booking was easy and communication was great. She greeted me in a skin hugging dress and put me at ease with a bit of small talk. We went down to business, very accommodating and takes a lot of initiative. Enjoyed multiple positions and loved the time I spent with her. Great oral skills. Will definitely see her on her next visit.

Cahina 13/09/2018

"Her infectious giggle, fun stories, and beauty will keep you held in her spell"

I first met Jordan almost a year ago. While back in Wellington to visit family I decided to book someone for a dinner out. I had seen Jordan on twitter and was attracted by her intelligence and principles demonstrated through her posts.

I was keenly looking forward to our date with a real mix of nervousness and anticipation, as Jordan never reveals her face online you can’t help but wonder who you are going to see. When I answered the knock at my door and saw her for the first time I was immediately struck by the fun in her eyes, her smile, and her trade mark bright red lipstick. She looked amazing from head to toe. Phew!

It took only a few minutes on the stroll to the restaurant for my nerves to dissipate, the conversation flowed easily, and she is worldly beyond her years. Hours passed at dinner and the conversation and enjoyment never stopped. Her infectious giggle, fun stories, and beauty will keep you held in her spell.

Later I discovered that she is just as attentive in the bedroom, is just as much fun (probably more), and is attentive to your needs. She takes pride in what she does and this shines through throughout the whole experience.

I now make an effort to see Jordan whenever I am in Wellington, and have also enjoyed her company in my home town. She’s thoroughly wonderful company.

Mustang44 23/04/2018

"It's pure, unadulterated, incredible, pleasure. Life affirming, life enhancing, pleasure"

Jordan and I were skeptical as to whether we’d all fit in the shower as Jane had suggested, but it seemed a sensible thing to do to at least try. And imagine our pleasure when we found we fit perfectly, three peas in a pod, up close and personal and still plenty of room for hands to move. And this new pleasure is of the highest magnitude, I’m washed by experts, soaped up, souped up, and Jane has quite the collection of scented body washes; strawberry, coconut, eau de man, so by the time they’d finished with me I think I smelled good enough to eat.

I had a feeling this was going to be grand, a double with Jane and Jordan at the Double J Ranch, these girls are loads of fun on their own but put them together and there’s fireworks indeed, and a double happy slowhand. And there’s even fireworks when they’re toweling me off, indulgence of the first order, and it’s a dry, fruity, double happy me getting lead to the bed.

But just a warning to my fellow punters; the towels weren’t all matching and there were no nice little plastic cups for the mouthwash.

And then we’re lying in a tangle on the bed, I’m lying back ready to receive my blessings, and I’m surely receiving them, but we’re sparking off just being together too, old motormouth me competing with these two chatterboxes and we’re coming up with ideas for bookings and road trips and all manner of juicy topics and we’re laughing at the pure fun of it all. And Jordan with the famous giggle, I’m learning she’s really funny too, very clever, and I think all of our imaginations were getting exercised this wonderful evening.

But we all know where this is headed and into it we go and suddenly I’m being Janed at the top end and Jordanned at the other until it’s somehow the other way round, and we’re still laughing, this ain’t serious, no dour porn star wannabes here, this is glorious fun with a capital S and yet the world doesn’t exist beyond these walls, we’re three people doing this good thing, with these good people, at this perfectly good moment in time, and nothing else matters. And there’s no script here, this is unfolding for all of us.

And then I say Jordan, may I fuck you, and she says certainly, how would you like me, and I say on yer back girl, and Jane says; assume position girl. This is how we roll. But then we make a startling and wonderful discovery. I’m thinking, this is the serious part, this is when we get the hush, the reverent silence, but I’m wrong, because Jane is finding this highly amusing, and is determined to keep the fun times rolling, and Jordan can’t help laughing too, and then this wonderful thing happens with Jordan when she laughs, down there, I know cos I’m in there, and I’ve felt many wonderful things in my illustrious career as a seeker of the best life has to offer, and it’s a wonderful thing when a woman laughs, but it’s a whole different ball game now.

And when the fairy dust settles from this voyage of discovery we embark on more amazing journeys down carnal lane, and I tell you, these girls are adventurous, and I’ll leave it at that but the end result was profound.

And then we’re lying tangled together again while they wait for me to surface, and I’m thinking we must nearly be there, or even over time, but then I think, if they wanted to, they could get up, or they both know me well enough by now they could say get yer ass moving slow, times up dude, but no-one moves, we lie in happy contentment, happy companionship, chatting and laughing still.

And I’d arrived with a bundle of cash, the bank somehow thinking I’d like lots of little notes, so Jordan thought it a splendid idea to lie down and have me shower her with tribute. Somehow it arrived as a solid lump, so I tried again, this time with two targets, and the bills rained down like confetti. It’s a serious business this.

I’d shower them with tribute any day. This is my tribute. Beautiful, strong, feisty, happy women, it’s such a blessing to know you, to have fun with you, let alone get naked and do sexy silly things with you, and as a man who has learned to appreciate what a gift it is to simply wake up every morning, I deeply appreciate the bigger blessings when you come my way. If only more people realised what you girls actually sell, what you really offer. It’s pure, unadulterated, incredible, pleasure. Life affirming, life enhancing, pleasure.

And I challenge any one who throws shade on this industry, this thing we do, this beautiful thing we do; be there with us this night. You’d learn a thing or two.

Slowhand 29/11/2017

"..she is energetic, enthusiastic and extremely sweet.."

As one of the Brits over the in NZ for the rugby I was looking for a bit of downtime and fun in Wellington.
After a little research I found Jordan’s website (which is very good) and contacted her to make a 1 hour GFE booking.
On my arrival she looked stunning and I was immediately very pleased that the time to research appeared to have paid off.
After a shower she gave me a fantastic shoulder massage as I had been suffering after the long flight over.
The rest I will just suffice to say she is energetic, enthusiastic and extremely sweet.
I was not rushed and may even go back and see her again before I leave Wellington.

Thank you Jordan

RugbyTim 29/06/2017

"..Won me over with her warmth and charm..."

My second review on Jordan. I am biased, I like this young lady. I have not seen her in 12 months have patiently waited for her to return to Townsville. Jordan is a tall, pretty, brunette that won me over with her warmth and charm and those sexy red lips that make me drool. Her presentation is immaculate and I was greeted like I was a long lost friend. Lots of hugs and small talk (she remembered things I had chatted about, a year before). Out of the shower and she led me to the bed wearing the sexiest lingerie I have seen. I am normally not interested in bums, (I like boobs) but when she hopped on the bed, wow! What a turn on. I had a great time, probably the most genuine GFE experience I have had. What she advertises Jordan delivers, no holding back! Lots of cheeky smiles and giggles made it so enjoyable. I wish I could have booked her for longer. I hope I don’t have to wait another year for her to return.

Mawson 05/2017

"Hot oils, warm hands, naked body on my back. Heaven"

You know how when you live somewhere, and there is a an amazing sight or activity in the area that you really want to see but just don’t go because, well, you’ll see it one day….well Jordan is this too me. She has been very high on my radar to visit for so long but for whatever reason I just haven’t got off my ass and organised to meet her. I realised that I really needed to see her after so many rave reviews and that I was being remiss not supporting the local “attractions”.
An appointment was made.
I rocked up to her apartment. The door opened.
So this where previous guys have said “Wow!” or similar utterances. I’m not going to say that. Not at all. Nope. So I enter the room after I pick my jaw off the ground, roll in my tongue and adjust my pants.
I try not to grin too much at my good fortune, but feel helpless from doing so. A quick chat and off to the shower.
I come back to find that Jordan has slipped into a kimono-type gown. This skimpy material gives a brief insight to the lovely body that hides underneath. Oh boy.
The towel is removed and onto the table I hop.
Hot oils, warm hands, naked body on my back. Heaven. The table becomes a problem. They really do need tables with 2 holes, or at least a good sized indentation. At this point of proceedings, my stiff neck gives way to other areas.
I’m told to roll over. Ok, god damn it – it’s just got to be said. WOW!! There. It’s out.
To say Jordan has a good body is like saying the Taj Mahal is a nice house. To have those wonderful breasts rubbing sensually against my engorged manhood is bliss.
This is where it gets a bit more than just a sensual massage. I opted for the prostate massage on this occasion. A grin emerges on to Jordan’s face as she mentions that there is no sexy way to put on a glove. Well, actually, there is, and you nailed it. Lol!
The next few minutes/hours/days are just….intense, I guess you would say. Jordan, seen in the mirror in the brief glimpses I offer myself through clenched eyes, enjoys herself with a big grin.
Involuntary spasms as she works her magic. Intense pleasure wracks my body until I finally succumb to the most intense of orgasms.
What a journey. It was Sensual Magic.
But there is a problem. I have gone to the fairground and played on some of the rides. But the biggest, most fun ride was not experienced. I want to take the biggest, most fun ride of them all. The GFE+. I will be back Jordan. Of that I can guarantee.

Oh and Happy Birthday.

MadG 01/12/2016

"Wow this girl can really pull off the innocent gorgeous librarian look"

Well it had been a while since I had enjoyed a good SM and this seemed like a great way to meet the lovely Jordan as well. The time rolled around (far too slowly) but parking was easy and I wandered up to her apartment. Wow this girl can really pull off the innocent gorgeous librarian look, and seems to have the brain to match. Because it is SM it had a more relaxed friendly tone after she laid out her very reasonable rules, although the head massage she started with was surprisingly intense. And so it was a hour of delicious friendly rubbing and sliding with her tight toned body and a powerful finish. I would definitely recommend her for this experience and I will report back after going full service.

Kiwifirst1018 03/10/2016

"From coy, coquettish girl-next-door to tempestuous, no holds-barred wild woman"

As another learned reviewer from parts north opined when opening his description of his recent encounter with Jordan Quinn: Holy f**k!

After weeks of anticipation and copious amounts of time spent researching the said Miss Jordan on AF, I finally discovered tonight what all the fuss is about – man, did I discover!!!

We’ve had a Force 10 gale blowing in Dunners here tonight but inside a certain city location I was to enjoy the full sexual fury of another hurricane by the name ofJordan Quinn – far more stimulating than the horrible storm outside!

Life has been pretty stressful lately and while a decent GFE is usually the antidote for that, a GFE Plus with Jordan has an X Factor which is hard to top.

The transformation from coy, coquettish girl-next-door to tempestuous, no holds-barred wild woman was as remarkable as it was breathtaking.

Being cuffed to the bed and having this sexy vixen perform all sorts of erotic and frankly indescribable (I’m the shy, retiring type) acts upon you and herself has to be seen to be believed.

I want to write more, but I keep having flashbacks and hence the keyboard won’t work!

Suffice to say the incomparable Jordan re-ignited some long dormant sensory perceptions (hat tip Monica Minx and Jordana) and a few others I didn’t know existed.

So yes, now I know what all the fuss is about – if I get hit by a bus tomorrow – I can go to heaven a happy and satisfied man

Sensual Male 07/09/2016

"Such is the caliber of the lady that she didn't miss a beat"

Well f**k I’m really struggling to know where to start, whenever I think of Jordan now my pulse starts to quicken, my jeans start to tighten, and my head fills with superlatives and expletives faster than I can deal with them. If was to express my response to seeing Jordan it would probably go something like just a whole page of OMFGs such was the state of my extended disbelief which lasted nearly the entire session I spent with this rock star but that wouldn’t make a very interesting read would it so I’ll try to give a little more. That being said I’m not going to provide any fodder for tuggers and school kids, Jordan’s secret sauce is her own so I wont be divulging any of it here, if you want to know then you’ll have to put out!

Jordan is an incredibly gifted young lady the likes of whom I have never met before. From the moment she opened the door I was floored by how gorgeous she is, I saw a comment here recently about her ‘film star’ face which couldn’t be more true. I knew of course of her award and the many posts pre-tour to the south islanders along the lines of ‘Don’t miss out boys’ but I just wasn’t ready for how sexy she is. Wow! F**k!

It’s funny both I and another after only seeing Jordan’s photos expected to open the door to someone attractive to be sure but probably older and probably larger, so in an industry which is constantly overselling itself with out of date photos and inaccurate bios here is this lovely lady not having a bar of it, deliberate or not I have no idea but it made for one of the most jaw dropping ‘door open’ surprises I have ever encountered.

On door open Jordan treated me to a short fantasy scenario we had discussed earlier, it was the kind of thing which would have been easier to pull off if we where already acquainted and had something of a report going already, but such is the calibre of the lady that she didn’t miss a beat and was thoroughly convincing. I think I was hers inside the first 60 seconds!
Soon we are lying on the bed and drinking champagne and having the chats which should have come first. The lady is just delightful: chatty, giggly, happy, just an absolute joy to be near.

All too quickly the glasses are drained and Miss Quinn takes charge, pressing the pedal to the metal and burying the needle firmly in the red where it stayed for the next 50 mins!

Jordan understands the ways in which men are very often visually stimulated, a knowledge which she exploits to her excruciating advantage and do I believe she enjoys every moment of it. She is the master of ‘energy’ and manages to keep you just shy of the tipping point like no other I have ever met. You cum when Jordan says you cum, on her terms, not before, not after, it’s an incredible talent!

Anyway 90mins of my life I’ll never forget, so I’ll be watching for her return but next time you other Chch punters can forget it, next time she’s mine, all mine precious!

Well that’s the 1st rule of punting f**ked , but in my defence I was prepared to share the love around – I wasn’t halfway out the door of the hotel before I was on the phone to Roc to tell him to get his arse down here or I would spank it myself!

Bigbird 06/09/2016

"Personable, alluring, and remarkably skilled"

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jordan Quinn during my travels to Christchurch, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional companion in every way. I was initially recommended to Jordan by a mutual professional companion for my visit to Taranaki. However, my plans changed suddenly with a last-minute overseas trip. Nevertheless, fate had its way, as I later discovered that Jordan would be touring Christchurch at the same time I was going to be there.


Getting in touch with Jordan was a breeze, thanks to her easy-to-follow website. I sent her an email with my requested time and service, and she promptly responded with a text message and final confirmations. On the day of our meeting, I arrived at the location Jordan had arranged, which was lovely and inviting. At the door, I was warmly welcomed by Jordan herself, and she was exactly as I had imagined her based on her online presence - easy to talk to and a pleasure to behold.


Our conversation flowed effortlessly, and I must admit, I could have easily spent the entire 90 minutes just talking to her. However, we eventually decided to proceed to the room. While Jordan did inquire about my preferences, I trusted her completely and chose to go with the flow for this first encounter.


Let me tell you, the experience Jordan provided was beyond words. She had prepared a delightful setup that instantly excited me. I won't divulge all the details, as that's something you should experience for yourself. But I can say that it was a wild ride, yet intimate at the same time. Jordan knows how to create a magical atmosphere that leaves you captivated and satisfied.


She truly is a pleasure companion of the highest quality. I can't wait to see her again and explore more of the wonderful experiences she has to offer. Jordan Quinn is the epitome of what a professional companion should be - personable, alluring, and remarkably skilled at making your time together unforgettable. If you find yourself in need of an extraordinary companion, I wholeheartedly recommend Jordan Quinn. You won't be disappointed.

KM - 8/8/2023 

"A feast for the eyes"

From the moment I shared the first smile with Jordan and heard THAT giggle, it became apparent that I would be in for quite the time! Attentive, quick witted and most importantly fun, the company alone is truly wonderful... And when it starts to turn up , one couldn't ask for more. Natural connection, passionate and a feast for the eyes.  Miss Jordan truly excels at the most important thing of all, being unforgettable


10/10 would bang again!

R - 17/11/2022

"Fabulous personality"

Jordan’s beauty, charm and fabulous personality immediately put you at ease and fun times ensue.

Nero - February 2022

"A very friendly lady that shows you an outstanding time"

Had the chance to put a request in for this lovely lady to come to my town some months ago, and sure enough she did . The booking was easy no stress at all , I went to the motel and she comes to the door , friendly easy going laid back lady with a big smile . A very friendly lady that shows you an outstanding time . I wont go into details but JORDAN QUINN is a top lady.

kiwimale40 6/08/2018

“Bubbly, passionate, friendly, sassy, down to earth, energetic, intelligent, thoughtful and sensual”

I first saw Jordan in June of this year and knew that I just had to see her again. And this time I decided to go all out and treat myself to a belated birthday weekend in Wellington and so I put the feelers out to see if Jordan and I could match our dates.
Thankful Jordan was more than accommodating and we managed to come up with a great way to celebrate the occasion with WAOP in town why not take advantage and make a day of it! So Jordan got some basic details on food preferences from me and into her capable hands the planning began.

Finally the day arrived, all the anticipation these weeks had now led to the day at hand and I just had that gut feeling I was in for a real treat, a smashing day out and a great time in. Knock knock knocking on heavens door, the nerves weren’t there more the buzzing anticipation and excitement culminating together and instantly I was greeted by Jordan and wow she really was a sight for sore eyes. As I stepped into the boudoir I was instantly at ease within the wonderfully decorated relaxing comforts and it just seemed to shout Jordan, classy with style and grace also warm, down to earth and comforting a perfect haven to relax into each other before heading out on our first food adventure, discovering yummy Burgers, Chips, and cocktails with great conversations mixed with a stroll around Cuba.

The day flowed effortlessly like two peas in a pod we were allowing for a great day where we could both ignite the passions or just relax into each other and this is all testament to Jordan herself. Jordan is many things and more. Just some words I’d use to describe her are bubbly, passionate, friendly, sassy, down to earth, energetic, intelligent, thoughtful and sensual. Jordan is someone you can have a laugh with and also relax and enjoy each other’s company from burgers and cocktails to netflix and chill.

Jordan really makes you feel at ease and wanted, from the way she looks at you, the way she snuggles close beside you to the engaging conversations. Her massages are to die for, they take you to another level where you feel relaxed and invigorated all in one as her soft touch radiates around your body.

Jordans photos; as beautiful as they are, just don’t fully capture her true radiating beauty. They also don’t captivate her enchanting voice or the disarming giggles. Her sparkling hazel eyes that draw you in making you instantly aware of what a pure gem she is. Her long brunette hair that is soft to the touch inviting your caresses. The welcoming smile surrounded by soft red lips ready to ignite the flames further with her passionate kisses.

Thank YOU Jordan for treating this ole fella to a Birthday wish he never thought could be so wonderful.

You truly are Magnifique, Muchas Gracias Senorita

Parkera 12/09/2018

"The stuff of dreams..."

Jordan. The stuff of dreams. The girl, that girl, at the office, the boys in a huddle over the water-cooler talking about the weekend’s rugby when she floats by, smiles hello lads and suddenly everyone’s alive, vital, we’re slipping into that schoolboy dream state, cos she’s not just gorgeous, there’s a whole other thing going on. Or the girl at the supermarket, quietly and happily going about her business, a trail of us love-struck men discreetly browsing the pantyhose section in her wake.

The planets hadn’t aligned for us on some of her other visits, and almost scuttled this attempt courtesy of the Welly fog, but now I’m actually living the dream, I’m scoring big time with the office dream girl, or I will be when we finish catching up, our innocent conversation spiced with anticipation for what is to come.

Now Jordan is a girl who fully understands how a man loves to take his time unwrapping the gifts, the treasures that come his way and she’s a model of patience while I fumble with the challenges we face in undressing a beautiful woman. But I think she knows I’m in my happy place, taking my time, taking it all in, taking it all off, piece by delicious piece, savouring the changing landscape, my eyes and hands and lips exploring softly, Jordan stops me at the suspenders and stockings and I get to enjoy their company a whole lot more.

And in spite of me taking my own sweet time to get to this point we’re now letting nature take its course in glorious fashion, a smorgasbord of the best that can happen, an easy roll from one delight to the next and a girl as beautiful as Jordan could easily rest on her laurels, file her nails and think of England but no Jordan’s in there stockings and all, we’re both in for the ride and what a magnificent and beautiful ride, all the way through to the other side and long into the sweet afterglow, a glow that’s still warming my soul some days later.

And it’s on reflection that I appreciate it even more, that a woman could give a man such pleasure, happily creating, arousing and inspiring, such a beautiful time.

So yeah, the stuff of dreams, but somehow it’s better than that. I know Jordan, she is a woman worthy of much respect, which just makes the sublime times I’ve had with her even better.

Slowhand 03/04/2017

"..the sort of experience I treasure.."

I saw Jordan just over a year ago, and kept up with her activities on Twitter; I had a wonderful time the first time I saw her, and discovered a mutual interest that gave me a reason to (very intermittently) keep in touch. I kept hoping (and still keep hoping) that I’ll find some good reason to visit New Zealand, both for the amazing scenery and because Jordan lives there, but that hasn’t happened yet. What did happen, to my great joy, was that she decided to tour to Townsville again. I immediately booked a lunch date, and booked lunch in a very good restaurant. I arrived first and it was truly a huge pleasure to see Jordan entering the restaurant. We had a great meal, sharing entrees and dessert, and talking about a wide range of things, including our mutual interest but ranging over many topics, as you would expect from two good friends who haven’t caught up in quite a while. I can definitely recommend Jordan as a social companion. After lunch, I drove us back to Jordan’s temporary residence. First order of business was to give her a gift I’d promised a while ago, and we spent some time admiring it, then she suggested we should move venues to the bedroom and I was more than happy to comply. Kissing and caressing commenced immediately, clothes were quickly shed, and we had a lovely shower, including washing each other, which is such a great intimacy. I do not go into detail about the more intimate parts of bookings, but I will say that I has an absolutely incredible time, every bit as spectacular as I remembered from her last visit. Everything flowed beautifully from moment to moment, with occasional interludes of cuddling, making for the sort of experience I treasure, where your time seems both to last forever and to be over way too soon. A quick shower and a final reluctant goodbye, and I was off, determined to see Jordan again, preferably sooner this time…

Ron 05/2017

"I was sharing a perfect moment with a truly gorgeous human being"

Holy Guacamole. Wow.

Sometimes the term GFE gets overused when an escort ticks all the boxes in the provided services of kissing, mutual oral, multiple positions, etc. Other times, ladies will provide genuine GFE by creating a great mood and bringing great personalities, and sometimes, but in much rarer occasions, someone like Jordan comes along and takes everything to the next level.

Her touches were graceful, soft, and sensual. Her lips so soft and her kisses unrushed, and filled with affection. Every movement was graceful at the same time accompanied by her contagious giggles, and much joy shared. I was sharing a perfect moment with a truly gorgeous human being.

I’m one of those guys who prefers open ended movies to that of a Hollywood ending. I care about the journey more than the ending. Same for sex. An orgasm is a great destination. However, it’s everything that happens before with exchanges of sexual energies that I care about. I didn’t tell her much, yet Miss Quinn knew me very well. We took it slow, and the things she did to me, sent both my body and mind into a bliss.

She is very sexy as expected from her profile pics, and unexpectedly cute. What a charming personality. Her giggles are so lovely and surround the entire room with a happy vibe. She is very easy to talk to, intelligent, and classy

Much love and appreciation to you, Miss Jordan Quinn. I will see you again on your next visit.

Ericrohmer 13/11/2016

"The angel on my Christmas tree"

I visited Jordan a month ago for a sensual massage. It was a fantastic experience, but was torturous in the fact that I couldn’t play with the fun toys right next to me (and on me).
There was nothing for it but to have a full session. And If you’re gonna do something, do it right I say, so a GFE+ experience it was. A Christmas package was available so the booking was made. One month to wait.
Time passes all too slowly as it always does when waiting to open the best presents. Eventually time lazily cruised past until the day of festivities arrived. A drive into town. The mission of finding a park. The parking fairies were on my side though. Just as I pulled up to the vicinity of Jordan’s place, not one, but two cars pulled out to let me in.
A text, a response, a short wait. GO! I transported myself to her door. It opens. Here is the wonderful lady I am about to spend the next 90 minutes with. Oh boy! She is dressed in a cute little “Santas little mistress” suit. Well, right here, right now, I’m Santa and all of my Christmas’ have come at once.
She looks gorgeous. Pin-up girl gorgeous. She ushers me in and gives me a big hug and kiss. Those amazing boobs of hers really struggling to break loose, my appendage straining to make friends with them.
We sit and talk for a bit while having some goodies that Jordan has prepared. Delicious. But a better feast awaits.
Off to the shower. I return with my festive underwear (bright green) and Santa hat that I borrowed from Jordan.
I know why she is called Giggly Jordan now – she is such a vibrant lady. Full of life and happiness. It really is a pleasure to behold.
Maybe it was because I looked slightly stupid in my attire, but I didn’t care, seeing that face lit with a grin and that laugh, like angels singing.
This little angel ushered me into the room where an array of toys were spread on the bed. A paddle with “slut” caught my eye. Lol! Surely not our Jordan. I was told to bend over. Nope, not Jordan at all, that little beauty was well and truly mine. Eeep!!
With deft speed I was on the bed and before I knew what was happening, cuffs were applied.
This is where the true torture started. Unable to touch, I was teased mercilessly with such amazing sights and titillations.
I feebly uttered threats of revenge, but at this point, talking was difficult.
Eventually released from my bonds, I attempted to exact my revenge. A sensual battle commenced. From this point on, things get a bit hazy and a bit of a blur. The mind does funny things to a man when he dies and goes to heaven.
I rose up through the ceiling and soared through the clouds. Angels singing in a chorus of pleasure……
I was brought back to reality with a cataclysmic climax. I was labelled as “The messiest client”. Oops. My bad. Teehee.
Clean-up aisle 5, 6 and 7.
A quick cleanup and then more delectable snacks and a lovely talk.
90 minutes after we met, we hug and kiss and say our goodbyes. My Christmas present was the best ever. It will certainly leave me with some of the best memories ever.
Thanks Jordan – have a great Christmas and New Year. I know I will. I can’t think of a better way to have ended the year.

MadG 23/12/2016

"Graced with an angels presence"

Hmmmmmmmmm, I’m actually stuck for words, like Oh My God.

Very last minute meeting arrangement, stuck fixing machinery having one of those days, then get a message have you seen Miss Quinn, damn that man.

A couple of texts and meeting arranged, me feeling excited and nervous all at the same time ooooh weeeeeeee.

Arrived at meeting place, ha ha funny got trapped at the entry by some bulldog on reception, I tried to slide past unnoticed honest, detained like a naughty schoolboy, HELP MISS QUINN, HELP

Lucky my get out of detention text worked well, I was graced with an angels presence, we scuttled off to room, man oh man I was so nervous.

The lady had me at ease in no time flat, asking what I would like, um like um like let me see, I just wanted to be treated like the reverse of 60 shades of grey, Jordan being the sweet lady she is, I was soon at her mercy, ooh my oh my.

The ladies profile pics are good but in the flesh the lady is so much more, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her sweet figure, being teased to hell, I was damn near begging to be released but uh oh, no i was to do as told.

After what seemed like an eternity of teasing (not that I was complaining ) I was mounted and awesomeness happened, I’m a visual creature, seeing heaven right in front of ya, ooh yeah.

I only hope when I get to the purely gates I get seduced in like Jordan did to me, nice, soon I was released and into my favourite position, my mind thinking lots of horny thoughts, trying to keep myself composed, I think the lady may have been enjoying herself, I was a little too distracted to know, demanded some more daty, oops sorry Jordan, I’m a little demanding once let off my leash.

A very sensuous lady, sexiest lingerie, ooh and the props used very nice, (Ha Ha nice to get a smacked arse at the end of meeting hmmmm I have a reasonable pain tolerance )

Thank you again for your sweet time Miss Quinn

Rocco 06/09/2016

"Jordan was very sensuous and cheeky"

When I found out that Jordan Quinn and I were going to be in the same city at the same time, I took it as fate telling me to go and see her, but to be fair I would taken a drunk vomiting as a sign as well such are the nature of her talents.

Such is her professionalism that booking and selecting a date/time and length of appointment was easy, selecting the type of service was more difficult but I figured you only live once and chose the elite service and a few days later added the prostate massage to round things off. I arrived a little flustered and a few minutes late but Jordan’s easy directions meant I was quickly at her door and then inside. I quickly got the paperwork out of the way and had a quick shower, as I came out, Jordan greeted me with a sensuous kiss and an invitation to finish drying me, her first step in lowering your defenses and building anticipation.

Meeting Jordan was a treat, her melodic voice carries a hint of her sense of humor and she was always ready to break into a cheeky smile, but it’s her alabaster skin, jet dark hair and intelligent eyes capture your attention! Throughout the appointment Jordan was very sensuous and cheeky, she set out to slowly build and prolong your pleasure, taking you to the peak and holding you there but never over the top until the end. She combines all your senses in her game, as she watches you and your reaction as she teases your mind and body. As I my hands were bound to allow Jordan free access to my body, I found watching Jordan work adds to the pleasure, she enjoys her work and the reaction it garners from her subjects. For example the prostate massage, she takes her time to warm you up, all the while bringing you to a peak and allowing you to appreciate the different aspects of pleasure from the two different points. It is pleasure overload as Jordan’s magical finger plays a symphony inside you and you watch her use her mouth to draw moans of pleasure from you, all the while her beautiful eyes watch for your reaction to gauge the appropriate pace!

Within 15 minutes of starting I had taken one of the last free spaces in her Friday calendar, such was the impression she quickly made. The second appointment was subtlety different, as Jordan adapted to my mood and my actions, and my reactions to her skills. This woman is intelligent, adaptable and knows how to play a mans body like a virtuoso!

To get another taste of Ms Quinn may take some time or I may have to bite the bullet and journey down to Hell sorry Wellington!

Big Bob 10/08/2016

"Simply quality"

Jordan is quite simply quality, top shelf stuff. Beautiful, intelligent, chatty, giggly, immaculately dressed to impress and amazing in the bedroom. I’ve been drawn to her not only for the glowing reviews, impressive profile pictures but also by the way she operates here on the forum. She appears to me not to be one of the people who feels that are duty bound to respond to every thread with some inane commentary. Jordan is the real deal and Auckland was lucky to have her for a few days. I loved every second of my hour with her and hope to repeat that magical time on her next visit.

Thanks JQ, safe travels home.

Griggo 04/06/2016

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